There was no plan B so we kept driving south through the rain as we originally planned. Our destination was Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area and Seawall Beach in Phippsburg. The steady rain became intermittent sprinkles as we arrived at the parking area and began our two-mile hike to the beach.

It was along that road that the snowy egrets became visible in a marsh area on the left side of the road. At first I thought they were great egrets, like the one in the attached photos taken at Essex Street Marsh. Their yellow feet gave them away as snowy egrets.

We arrived at Seawall Beach and had a great time getting wet and sandy. I didn’t take any other photos because the rain seemed to time itself with the uncovering of my camera to photograph something. Camera out, rain. Camera in, no rain … oh well! It’s times like that I remind myself that it’s the fun of simply observing nature that charges my batteries. Remember vitamin N!

The American kestrel appeared at Halfway Brook which is just off the Stud Mill Road. Although, I’ve most likely seen kestrels before, this was the first time I was able to see enough details to positively identify one. I tossed in the great blue heron photo to make a fun comparison among the other long-legged birds attached.

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Take care friends, and enjoy the Great Maine outdoors.