Beginning in Milford and ending in Princeton, the Stud Mill Road offers a myriad of logging roads.

Roads off roads and roads off roads off roads, twitching trails off roads that are off roads. Roads that cross brooks and streams. Roads that seem to go on forever and others that end abruptly. Some end at recently created beaver ponds and back flowages or washed out bridges or simply are overgrown from lack of use by humans … the opportunities for hiking and nature watching are endless on the spider web network of roads and trails.

Remember that it’s private land. Large pulp trucks have the right-of-way. Always be courteous and respectful of the land and critters.

It was on such roads that I encountered many of the critters offered for your viewing today. The turkey vultures were seen along the County Road at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. The remaining birds were all photographed on a road off a road off the Stud Mill Road. They were all aggressively feeding and a few came very close to me. After a few moments of being still, except slight, slow movements to maneuver my camera, the birds seemed to ignore me. It’s so easy to loose your concerns and worries while getting lost in their antics. A very large dose of “vitamin N” simply for the taking. Enjoy!

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