Berry Chase knows food. He knows how to keep a secret too, almost. A number of years ago, Chef Chase worked with a French chef who bestowed upon him a unique and sumptuous spaghetti sauce recipe.

Chase, being the creative, culinary artist that he is, tinkered with the ingredients and brought that new recipe to Sunbury Village Retirement Community. It is now known as Chase’s Sunbury Sauce. And for the secret of the sauce? Milk and red wine.

One bite and you’ll think you are in a Tuscan village, not Sunbury Village. But you don’t have to move in to enjoy it. Sunbury Village is holding a delicious fundraiser for Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s fuel fund.

Deborah Wisdom, community sales leader for Sunbury Village, understands how very small EAAA’s fuel fund is and how often it is empty. It is basically a last resort for seniors but all too often there are just not enough funds to go around.

“We know winter’s coming and wanted to warm people’s bodies and seniors’ homes,” she said. “We decided a hearty spaghetti supper, complete with salad, breadsticks, and tiramisu for dessert would be a great fall fundraiser and we liked the idea of helping seniors stay warm.”

Are you hungry yet? Hang on because Friday, Nov. 9, between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m., that meal can be yours for $5. And Sunbury Village has made it easier than ever. No need to round up the family to dine in, you can opt for take-out. Just place your order and your meals will be brought right to your car doors in Sunbury Village’s parking lot.

“But if people want to join us for dinner, that’s great too,” she added. “We will have a strolling accordion player to serenade diners through dinner. We just want people to have a good meal and a good time for a great cause.”

Sunbury Village Retirement Community is a beautiful building situated at 922 Ohio St. in Bangor. Residents enjoy comfortable apartments what are available in various sizes, and three delicious and nutritious meals a day. Chase’s Sunbury sauce isn’t the only thing Chef Chase has up his sleeve.

Also offered at Sunbury is a full calendar of activities and built-in transportation. No more worrying about how to get to the doctor’s office if it’s snowing. They’ll also take you shopping and on outings. Housework is included too. No more vacuuming, dusting or laundry. And the days get colder you can turn up the heat and settle in to watch cable TV with peace of mind because the cost is all included in the rent. Best of all, you can bring your pup or your kitty. The will be welcomed like family too.

“We wanted to make a difference for seniors in the area,” said Angela St. Louis, part of the Community Management Team at Sunbury, of the fundraiser. “We know some have a hard time paying for heat and we are in this business to make life better for them.”

Her partner and co-manager, Ashley St. Louis, nodded in agreement. “If they can’t live with us, we want them to be safe. This is the most rewarding thing we have ever done.”

It is clearly the best deal in town. Chase’s Sunbury Sauce covering perfectly cooked spaghetti with all the trimmings can’t be beat.

Place your order and let Berry Chase do the cooking for you. Call 262-9600 to place your order for your $5 spaghetti supper by Tuesday, Nov. 6. The meal is clearly “comfort food” and as your senses revel in Chase’s creation, you can also take comfort in the knowledge that you have helped a low-income senior get a little bit of help this winter.

Carol Higgins Taylor is director of communications at Eastern Area Agency on Aging. For information on EAAA, call 941-2865, toll-free 800-432-7812, email or visit