For the past 10 years, I have been honored to serve Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in Washington. I have taken the job seriously and worked tirelessly to ensure that I have cast votes that do what’s best for Maine.

On Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to cast your ballot for a number of local, state and federal races, as well as a number of referendum questions. As you look at the candidates for the 2nd Congressional District, I ask that you take a moment to consider the work that I have done for Maine people.

I have supported small businesses through legislation such as the Jobs Act. When I’ve talked with small businesses throughout this district, one of the biggest concerns they raise is access to capital. I have heard that concern, and I supported legislation in Washington to make a difference.

I have supported manufacturing in Maine, including the hundreds of workers at our New Balance factories in this state. The Berry Amendment says that members of our military must be clothed from head to toe with American made clothing, but a Washington loophole allows the Department of Defense to circumvent the law regarding athletic footwear. If members of the military were required to wear athletic footwear that is made in the USA, that could make a big difference for New Balance and its workers.

I have supported our veterans by ensuring access to health care that they have been promised and that they deserve.

I have supported Maine farmers by focusing my efforts on crops that are grown in Maine – blueberries, potatoes, apples and cranberries.

Maine is a unique state with unique needs and unique personalities. Special interest groups exist in Washington to look out for their own interests and often times do not have the best interests of Maine on their front burners.

Sometimes these special interest groups will scare members of Congress into voting a certain way by saying they will receive a poor ranking by doing otherwise. In some cases, they want members of Congress to vote for a piece of legislation that would hurt that member’s home district. I have never caved in to these special interest groups, and I have always voted with Maine’s interests in mind.

This election is not about Washington special interest group scorecard rankings or getting the flashiest headlines. It’s about working for the best interests of this district and fighting for Maine. That is what I have done during my time in Congress, and that is why I wanted to go to Washington in the first place.

That is why I ask for your vote on November 6.

Democrat Mike Michaud represents Maine’s 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He faces Republican Kevin Raye on Nov. 6.