BANGOR, Maine — Maine Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen confirmed that incumbent state Republican Sen. Nichi Farnham lost her re-election bid in District 32 to Democrat Geoff Gratwick.

The Farnham-Gratwick contest drew more than $450,000 in outside spending. Democrats also accused Farnham of violating campaign disclosure laws.

“That race will go down as an example of some of the worst in Maine politics in that the Dems continued to attack an honorable senator even after she was unanimously exonerated by a bipartisan ethics commission,” Sorensen said.

Official results are not available.

Two years ago, Farnham took 53 percent of votes cast in Bangor and 70 percent of the vote in Hermon to wrest the seat from incumbent Democratic Sen. Joseph Perry.

Sorensen also said Republican Heather Sirocki won her re-election bid over Democrat Jean-Marie Caterina in House District 128 in Scarborough.

Political observers consider the Farnham-Gratwick race a key contest to determine control of the Maine Senate. Farnham was one of five Republicans whose victories in 2010 helped the GOP seize control of both chambers of the Legislature for the first time since 1974.