BANGOR, Maine — Bangor will revisit some ballots Friday in an attempt to make totals match up, City Clerk Lisa Goodwin said Thursday evening.

When Goodwin tried to verify the vote count after Tuesday’s election, the warden’s count wasn’t quite matching the tabulator numbers, she said. Goodwin said she won’t know for sure what caused the variance until the box containing the ballots in question is reopened.

The clerk thinks that the mistake might have happened when a stack of about 30 ballots rejected by the counting machine because they weren’t filled out correctly was mixed up with a stack of write-in ballots.

“I think they just grabbed the wrong pile,” Goodwin said.

“It’s not going to make any difference in any of the races,” because of the small number of ballots involved, Goodwin said.

Because of a large number of late-arrival, unregistered voters, Bangor ballot workers were still counting past 3 a.m. Wednesday.

The Maine Secretary of State’s Office has given the city the go-ahead to reopen the boxes containing the ballots in question to conduct a recount, Goodwin said. The city also notified both political parties of the variance.

“It’s a good check-and-balance for the election process,” Goodwin said. “It has to come out accurately.”