LIVERMORE, Maine — A forester has determined that about 1,250 trees of varying sizes were illegally cut from the town’s Memorial Forest, town administrative assistant Kurt Schaub said Tuesday.

Forester Mark Brown of Vassalboro, who was hired by selectpersons in September, also determined roughly 99 percent of the trees cut were hardwood.

Brown is now in the process of calculating the total value of the cut, based upon the size of each stump counted, Schaub said.

Each stump was painted with a dot once it was counted.

About 10 acres of the town’s property was cut by a logger who cut over the property line, Schaub had said previously.

A letter was sent in September to the logger responsible for the cutting, informing him of the town’s intention to recoup the value of the trees, the cost of the survey and the cost of the timber valuation.