Central Maine Power Company has always allowed recreational use of its transmission line corridors by its customers and neighbors. Recently, CMP has, in some areas, needed to limit the recreational access of its corridors during the construction of the Maine Power Reliability Program.

The MPRP is CMP’s $1.4 billion investment to ensure the long term reliability of its bulk power system. The project includes the construction of five new 345-kilovolt substations and related facilities linked by approximately 440 miles of new transmission lines.

“Outdoor recreation is an important part of the Maine culture and heritage,” said Doug Herling, CMP vice president of special projects and MPRP sponsor. “Central Maine Power is committed to supporting certain outdoor recreation activities by granting public access to its transmission corridors. Restricted access during times of active construction is intended to protect the lives and safety of workers and the public.”

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine has been collaborating with the MPRP to maintain communication and positive relationships with recreational corridor users. SAM Executive Director David Trahan recently commended the MRPR on its environmental efforts.

“The environment is extremely important to us. I’m impressed with how the MPRP has protected wetland resources, brooks, streams, and sensitive environmental areas,” Trahan said. “I know how much it takes and the resources required to do things the right way. I feel the MPRP has really gone the extra mile.”

CMP and the MPRP appreciate SAM’s cooperation during construction. Central Maine Power has provided SAM with funds to support its continued efforts in educating its members about the MPRP.

“We look forward to working with them throughout the duration of the MPRP,” Doug Herling said.