RUMFORD, Maine — Anxiety over the unknown led selectmen Thursday night to unanimously reject a request from a Los Angeles filmmaker/actor to close a few side streets later this month for filming.

Neither Gavin Peretti nor anyone representing him came to the meeting, as requested, to provide the board with details, Town Manager Carlo Puiia said.

Peretti sent the town an email on Nov. 26, saying his crew would be shooting the film “all over the area from Rangeley to Jackman” and wanted permission to close a few streets for a day in Rumford.

He said the date would likely be between Dec. 14 and 20. The crew would also shoot footage at a private residence in Rumford on another day, but Peretti said that wouldn’t affect the public.

Peretti provided the premise of his movie, “The Guide,” saying it is about a hunting guide who takes a couple of rich New York stockbrokers on a deer hunt.

“Trouble is, he is slowly coming unhinged and begins to think that the two men are the drug dealers that is messing with his daughter,” Peretti said. “He then begins to hunt them.”

After Selectman Brad Adley motioned to approve the request and Selectman Jolene Lovejoy seconded, for discussion only, Selectman Chairman Greg Buccina suggested tabling the matter until Peretti or a representative could provide details.

However, Selectman Jeff Sterling said the board doesn’t meet again until Dec. 20.

Lovejoy suggested giving Puiia and police Chief Stacy Carter the authority to handle the matter.

Carter, however, said he is concerned about residents on the unknown streets and how closing the streets would affect them.

Resident Kevin Saisi objected to the film’s premise, speculating that because it involves drugs, it might put Rumford in a bad light.

For that reasoning and the possibility that the filmmaker could have the protagonist gunning for the two stockbrokers on a Rumford street, Buccina said he would not support the motion.