DIXFIELD, Maine — Police Sgt. Jeff Howe said the department is working with Maine State Police and other officers from Mexico to Jay to charge those stealing diesel fuel and reselling it as heating oil for furnaces.

“The information that we got from talking to a couple of troopers and Mexico [Police Department] and I think Jay even got hit, they’re stealing the off-road diesel fuel and they’re selling it for furnaces,” Howe said.

Police believe there are at least two thieves and possibly as many as four who have stolen more than $500 worth of diesel fuel in Dixfield, Canton and Jay.

Mexico police Lt. Hodsdon said Friday evening that they’re investigating three cases, one of which was reported Friday. He said a River Road business owner said that between 100 to 150 gallons of diesel fuel was stolen sometime last weekend.

In a Nov. 11 case, Hodsdon said someone siphoned 100 gallons of diesel fuel from a dump truck used for work on a Mexico construction site on Main Street. He said the fuel cost more than $600.

In another case believed to be linked, thieves stole an outside heating oil tank, Hodsdon said.

Howe said diesel fuel thefts in Dixfield were reported on Dec. 10 from a Rover Road camp caretaker who discovered 10 gallons were taken from a yard tractor, and on Dec. 6 from a wood-harvesting job site on Severy Hill Road where 50 gallons were siphoned.

“We do have suspects,” Howe said.