WISCASSET, Maine — The town is accepting what it calls “a creative approach for proposals” to purchase tax-acquired property worth an estimated $6.5 million.

So far, no takers.

In late August, the Board of Selectmen voted to take a 38-acre parcel including the former Mason Station and a portion of the proposed Point East Development — approximately 14-plus acres which include numerous smaller lots — from the tax roles. Town officials have reached out to the development community in search of a prospective development team.

“Proposals were due last summer,” Town Planner Misty Parker said Monday. “But we’ve got none. The town is open to a reasonable proposal.”

The 33-acre Mason Station, a former steam-electric generating plant, WAS acquired by developer Mason Station LLC from Florida Power & Light for $3.9 million in 2004. The plan, Parker said, involved a marina, a mixed-use facility, condominiums and high-end private homes off Birch Point Drive.

“They went through the permitting process, and built a road,” Parker said. “They had approval for 12 private homes, built two spec houses, then they lost their partner for the marina and shortly after the market crashed.”

Prior to the Board of Selectmen’s decision to take the property off the town’s books, the board was advised that the Mason Station lots represent a significant portion of the town’s $760,000 in uncollected receivables. Town Manager Laurie Smith advised the board that Mason Station’s uncollected tax bill would amount to more than $900,000.

To view the full RFP visit www.wiscasset.org or contact Parker at 882-8200, ext. 106 or at townplanner@wiscasset.org.