BANGOR, Maine — While many flights are going off without a hitch at the Portland International Jetport, Thursday’s storm has a few planes on the ground in Bangor.

As of 9:30 Thursday morning, only six departures out of Portland had been canceled, according to airport marketing director Gregory Hughes.

“When I came in a little before 7, I came in off the turnpike and there were a gazillion plows out there,” he said. “They’re doing a good job of getting the snow off the runway.”

Two U.S. Airways flights from Portland to Washington, D.C., have been canceled, along with two departures to Philadelphia on U.S. Airways and two Delta departures between Portland and Detroit.

In Bangor, two early-morning U.S. Airways flights went off without a hitch to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., respectively, but there are still plenty of cancellations, airport director Tony Caruso said.

All outbound flights from Bangor to Detroit have been canceled, Caruso said, along with the remainder of U.S. Air’s scheduled departures to Philadelphia and Washington. Allegiant Air’s regular departures from Bangor to Sanford, Fla., are scheduled for noon and 12:45 p.m. while Delta’s departures from Bangor to New York remain on schedule.

Caruso and Hughes are advising passengers to check with their travel agents and airlines before heading to the airports.

“There were a few passengers here but most people have realized the impact the storm’s going to have so they’ve called ahead and made accommodations,” Caruso said.

Caruso said Bangor hasn’t received any inbound flights, but “our runways are still open,” he said.

Ryan McLaughlin

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