If you ask Jim Churchill why he decided to open his new restaurant on Main Street in Bangor, he’ll tell you it’s because big things are happening. And the iconic Miller’s Restaurant location just made sense for his restaurant, sports grille, and cafe.

Seasons on Main, known simply as Seasons, located at 427 Main St., will hold its official grand opening from Jan. 27-Feb. 3 to coincide with the Super Bowl.

“We’ll make it a real celebration for seven days,” Churchill said. During that time, the grille and restaurant will offer discounts, specials, and a fun experience for sports aficionados and patrons alike.

The celebration is a long time coming, and Churchill knew that Main Street in Bangor would be the right place to situate the restaurant.

“There’s a lot of life happening in downtown Bangor and a lot of good energy,” he said.

Seasons and the attached Sage Cafe will be near the heart of all that energy. Positioned near the waterfront, Seasons will benefit Waterfront Concerts, American Folk Festival, and KahBang! visitors while also serving the needs of patrons of the new Cross Insurance Center three blocks away. Between the cafe, the dining room, and the grille, the facility can satisfy hunger and provide a place for people to meet in comfort.

The facility will also be able to a host events in several conference rooms, including one off of the lounge able to accommodate 75 people.

“Bangor Main Street now has different feel than other main streets,” Churchill said. “All [three dining options] will compliment each other without competing. You could come here seven days a week and each time feel like you were in a different place.”

Guests can start in either the dining room or the sports lounge. The dining room’s look is currently evolving, but offers diners a quiet and peaceful setting for any kind of dining. The dining room, which does not have televisions in it, allows diners to focus on the meal and company, Churchill said.

For a more relaxed, social, sports-pub experience, guests can choose the grille, located just off he dining room. This area is surrounded by 22 televisions and features a 35-seat oblong bar as well as booth-, low-top, and high-top tables.

Adjacent to the bar is an area filled with soft chairs perfect for a casual chat with friends. The grille is also the place to watch live radio featuring “Downtown with Rich Kimball.”

Seasons had its soft opening in November. But one thing that makes the facility unique, Churchill said, is that the “Downtown with Rich Kimball” radio show is recorded in a sound booth built into the lounge. The radio show is broadcast Monday-Friday from 4-6 p.m. and is aired locally. Kimball was recently named Maine Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscaster and Sportswriter Association.

“Downtown with Rich Kimball is mostly sports, but also features a lot of community stuff,” Churchill said. “We named [the show] ‘downtown’ because we always knew we’d get it downtown.”

But it’s not just the live radio show that makes Seasons stand out. It’s also an attention to detail and local food.

“Local is a big word for us,” Churchill said. “We are fresh and local.”

Executive Chef Trevor Lizotte has been a chef for more than six years, but has been cooking for more than 15 years. He graduated from Eastern Maine Community College and recently moved back to the area.

The fresh and local feel will extend to food prepared at Seasons.

“You’ll see unique twists to classics,” Lizotte said. “There will be fresh food, and everything will be prepared in house.”

Lizotte noted that the restaurant plans to use local farms, especially during the summer, and get the community involved in the menu.

That vision extends to the Sage Cafe, opening in the spring and managed by Carmen Montes, who also manages the restaurant and grille. Montes also makes all the desserts served at Seasons. The cafe will feature freshly made and locally-sourced breakfast and lunch dishes as well as Montes’s famous desserts, which are also served in the restaurant.

“The name of the cafe had to represent what we were going to feature,” Montes said. “Sage has a lot of meanings: It’s a nice warm color, has health benefits, is natural, is an herb, and really seemed to fit [the concept of] our foods. [Our menu items] will be natural and as healthy as possible.”

For Churchill, the name was a perfect compliment to Seasons.

“What came out to me was the adjective ‘sage,’ which means showing or having profound wisdom,” he said.

The design of the cafe will also reflect the natural mood of sage.

The Sage Cafe will feature locally-made tables, locally-sourced food, including W.A. Bean meats, as well as a common table that will allow diners to eat with strangers.

“It’s a spin off of some customer experiences at Montes,” she said. Many customers, Montes noted, would wait among other strangers for a table and would become friends. “You never know who you’ll meet.”

Seasons Restaurant and Grille is located at 427 Main St. and is open from 11:30 a.m.-12 midnight. To make a reservation or learn more, visit the restaurant on Facebook or call (207) 992-2250.