Have you found yourself newly single and don’t know how to cope with the grief? While most people prefer jamming out to Alanis Morissette, Kelly Clarkson or Fiona Apple to sooth their depressed soul, there is nothing more cathartic than sitting on the couch in the dark and letting a movie cure your breakup blues. So whether you were stood up, cheated on, been dumped, or did the dumping, here are the movies you need to watch to get through each stage of your breakup grief.


“Lars and the Real Girl.” A not-so-hot Ryan Gosling is in love with a girl, and his family doesn’t get why he loves her. It’s your good old-fashion boy-meets-sex doll love story. That’s right … sex doll. At least you’re not in that much denial.


“Kill Bill: Vol. 1.” Nobody plays pissed off ex quite like Uma Thurman. If you dream of getting revenge on anyone who ruined your chance at happiness, this movie is for you. Thurman does it every way possible, so you don’t have to. If you’re still not out of the anger stage by the end of the movie, go ahead and watch Volume 2.


“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” During this stage you may think, “I wish I just couldn’t remember my ex, and then I wouldn’t be in any pain.” Explore that option with this Jim Carey-Kate Winslet masterpiece. Warning: You may slip back into the anger stage when you realize that Kate Winslet lost the Oscar for this movie to Hillary Swank. Don’t even get me started …


“The Way We Were.” Here is your 118 minutes to wallow in self-pity. Go ahead and just cry your eyes out. Remember things as way better than they actually were. Sing along with Barbra and think of what could have been: Memories, like the corners of my mind …


WALL-E.” Watching Wall-E roam a deserted Earth for half the movie will make you feel not quite as alone as you thought you were. When he meets Eve, you can rest assured that if a waste-collecting robot who doesn’t talk can find true love, so can you.

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