ROCKLAND, Maine — A 35-year-old Waldoboro woman will spend 100 days in jail after admitting Wednesday that she tried to smuggle drugs to her jailed boyfriend in a re-sealed package of boxer shorts.

Karena S. Parker was sentenced Wednesday afternoon in Knox County Superior Court by Justice Robert Murray to two years in jail with all but 100 days suspended for trafficking in prison contraband. She also was given a concurrent 90-day sentence for violating a condition of release for later having contact with her then boyfriend.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Baroody said that a video camera at the Knox County Jail filmed Parker and a man coming to the jail in January 2012 at which time the man dropped off a package of Hanes boxers for an inmate at the jail.

Jail officials saw an orange powder in the sealed package of shorts and found the drug Suboxone, which is used to treat people with opiate addiction.

An investigation also included recordings of telephone conversations between Parker and the then boyfriend in which the prosecutor said the inmate gave her specific instructions on how to hide the drugs in the package of boxers. One call was made from the parking lot of Walmart in Rockland where she bought the boxers.

Parker also was placed on probation for two years upon her release.

Defense attorney Dale Lavi said Parker is embarrassed by her actions, which she did because her then boyfriend had asked her to do it. Parker has moved on from that situation and wants to have the baby she is carrying by the new man in her life.

The man she was trying to smuggle the drugs to — Corey Main, 37, of Waldoboro — was sentenced in August to five additional months in jail for trafficking in prison contraband.

The case against the man who helped deliver the package is pending in court, Baroody said.