A network problem from an online advertising provider on Monday prompted malicious software warnings across many popular news websites, including bangordailynews.com.

Visitors to the BDN website were not at any time exposed to any advertisements or software that could have affected their computers, and the issue is now reportedly resolved.

In this instance, the search engine Google identified a company delivering online ads, netseer.com, as possibly dangerous due to the threat malicious software, or malware.

The BDN subscribes to ad networks that display netseer.com ads; whenever one of these ad networks tried to deliver an ad hosted by Netseer, Google would block the page from loading.

The BDN encourages visitors to always respect malware warnings, and recommends readers use Google Chrome to ensure the best, most secure browsing experience on bangordailynews.com.

If you experience any malware warnings or problems in the future, please email online editor William Davis at wdavis@bangordailynews.com.