DEXTER, Maine — The future employment of two Dexter Regional High School football coaches who were chaperoning an overnight event when several hazing incidents occurred is still undecided, according to a school official.

During an overnight event for the high school’s football team on Nov. 16 and 17, five hazing incidents occurred at the high school. The perpetrators and victims were all minors.

After the school’s investigation, 12 students were suspended for their roles in the hazing, ranging from one to 10 days. The students were also barred from participating in competitive afterschool events for periods ranging from one week to one month. Everyone on the team also had to perform community service.

Two students were charged with two counts of assault, while a third was charged with one count of assault. All charges are Class D misdemeanors. They are due in Newport District Court on Friday, Feb. 15. The three students were not named by police because they are minors.

School Administrative District 46 Superintendent Kevin Jordan said Wednesday that everyone on the team has fulfilled their community service obligations.

However, he has not made a recommendation on what will happen to the two coaches who were at the event that night — head coach Kevin Armstrong and assistant coach Matthew Hubbell.

“The athletic director [Roy Pelotte], principal [Stephen Bell] and myself have kicked around several possibilities,” said Jordan on Wednesday. “We’ll have another opportunity for our school board to weigh in.”

“We’ve discussed everything from not bringing them back or bringing them back with no additional sanctions at all,” he said. “We’ve discussed everything in between, trust me. At this point, I’m not ready to make that recommendation to the board yet.”

Neither coach was immediately available for comment on Thursday evening.

Jordan said decisions for fall coaches are typically on the school board agenda in April or May.

“We’ll know certainly by that time at the latest,” he said.

The coaches were instrumental in helping the students perform community service around the high school, Jordan said.

“The football coaches did an outstanding job following through with the players and their community service,” he said.

On a Saturday, the coaches and players cleaned up around the school and repainted bathrooms and a washer and dryer room, Jordan said.

“The coaches, as I had hoped, were a significant part of that and did a great job in making sure the kids were there and did a quality job,” he said.