RUMFORD — An exercise in body building took a criminal tack Monday afternoon when two skinny suspects decided to amp up their efforts, police said.

The teen suspects rode bicycles to Rite Aid in Rumford, entered the store and attempted to shoplift three body building supplements valued at $130, Rumford police Sgt. Douglas Maifeld said Tuesday morning.

Store employees interrupted the attempt, but the suspects got away, only to be arrested later by Mexico and Rumford police.

A 15-year-old and 17-year-old were each charged with theft by unauthorized taking and conditionally released to their parents with dates in 11th District Court. Due to the younger boy’s criminal history, he is to be arraigned May 7; the other on June 4, Maifeld said.

“I asked one kid why they took the supplements, and he said they were trying to beef up,” Maifeld said. “They’re really skinny kids. One stands 5-7 and the other is 5-2.”

The incident began shortly before 4:32 p.m. when a store employee notified police of a theft attempt.

Suspects tried to steal a 2-pound bottle of Muscle Building Milkshake, priced at $26; a 2.5-pound bottle of Creatine, priced at $22; and a 2.5 bottle of N.O.-Xplode, priced at $73, he said.

“I was surprised at how expensive they are,” Maifeld said.

The suspects put the supplements into a backpack and headed for the door and their bicycles, he said.

That’s when store employees grabbed the backpack and one of the bicycles. The suspect whose bike was grabbed fled on foot; the other suspect quickly pedaled off, Maifeld said.

Thanks to the store’s surveillance video, responding Rumford officer Brad Gallant recognized one suspect and went looking for him, Maifeld said. He was joined in the search by Mexico police Lt. Roy Hodsdon.

Gallant and Hodsdon found the pair about an hour later and apprehended the one on the bike; the other boy fled on foot again and escaped.

However, a quick call to his mother telling her to alert police when she found him, worked and the boy soon arrived at the police station for booking, Maifeld said.

“Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for both of them,” Maifeld said.