BELFAST, Maine — Police said that they have apprehended a man they believe broke into a Pearl Street home Sunday and stole some items while the owners were not home.

Chief Mike McFadden said that when the owners returned, they realized the house had been burglarized and called police for help. He did not specify what items had been taken.

Responding officers “developed a suspect,” he said, and went to check out Jeffrey Butler, 29, of Belfast, a man that the officers had dealt with the previous evening on an unrelated matter and who lived not far away from the Pearl Street residence.

“They tracked him down, and he had everything with him,” McFadden said.

In addition to the items that had been stolen from Pearl Street, police said they also found some other property from another recent burglary that had not yet been reported, the chief said.

Butler was arrested and charged with burglary and theft. He was taken to Waldo County Jail to be booked, McFadden said.