BANGOR, Maine — Independent Sen. Angus King spoke in an editorial meeting at the Bangor Daily News on Wednesday about a range of subjects, including what he’s learned so far in the Senate, his positions on an assault weapons ban and the Defense of Marriage Act, and how long he’s had his mustache.

1. Changed views of Senate

When you were running for the Senate, you talked about your purpose being to “nudge the institution toward functionality.” Now that you’re there, does the task appear more difficult than you thought?

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2. Health care

What is the impact of health care spending on the federal budget?

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3. Deficit reduction

Is a “grand bargain” — to get Democrats and Republicans to agree on a way to reduce the national deficit by cutting entitlement spending and raise revenue by taxation — possible?

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4. Federal budget

What was it like to see the Senate adopt its first budget in four years?

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5. Guns

Why didn’t you support the assault weapons ban? Reader question from Kathryn Krudewig Swift

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6. Postal Service

How can you encourage positive and proactive ways to help the U.S. Postal Service reinvent itself? Reader question from Christopher A. Bernardini

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7. Mustache

How long have you had your mustache? Reader question from Jordan Shain

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8. Same-sex marriage

What are your views on the Defense of Marriage Act?

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