WATERVILLE, Maine — As summer approaches, motorcyclists are riding on streets and highways throughout Maine, sometimes creating noise problems, according to police.

Waterville police are cracking down on the issue.

Police Chief Joseph Massey said Friday officers have started pulling over all vehicles that have loud exhaust pipes, but he noted it is more common for motorcycles to violate noise laws. He said officers will issue warnings for the time being.

“We like to give a couple weeks of warnings, let people know what we’re doing,” Massey said.

After that, officers will issue citations where motorists will face fines of up to $250, Massey said.

“It’s much easier to modify an exhaust system on a bike than it is on a car,” Massey said. “A large majority of the complaints are on motorcycles.”

In 2010, a state law was passed that exhaust pipes on a vehicle could not be louder than the vehicle’s manufacturer made them to be.

“It has been a regular issue for a long time since I’ve been here,” Massey said.

Massey said it’s common to have people in residential areas and patrons of downtown restaurants complain to police.

“People should be able to sit on their porch and not be startled,” he said. “Outdoor eaters during the day shouldn’t have to stop talking when a [vehicle] comes down Main Street.”

The police chief said he and his department have received overflowing amounts of support from the community regarding the crackdown.

Ryan McLaughlin

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