Compassionate society?

Recently my 92-year-old mother, who lives in assisted living, fell on the sidewalk near her home. As she lay there trying to get up, she said several cars passed by her but didn’t stop to help.

To these people, I would like to ask: Where is their compassion for an elderly person obviously in trouble?

Finally, a lovely lady stopped, helped her up, got her walker, and took her home. An ambulance was called and transported her to the hospital, where it was determined she had a fractured pelvis and shoulder. God bless this angel who stopped. God help the ones who drove past.

Where are their hearts? Where is their compassion? What has our society become that we would treat our elderly in such a deplorable manner? Have we become such a “me” society that we don’t have time for our neighbors? My prayer is that we change our attitude toward our elderly population and, for that matter, our fellow man.

Linda Harvey


The Landing School support

The warm spring weather has arrived, and, with the turning season, we’ll soon be sending The Landing School’s class of 2013 to begin their careers in the marine trades. Two of our students, Prescott Wright and Zachary Wells, will be awarded their diplomas posthumously, for, as many of you know, these young men died this past December in a tragic accident in the waters off Cape Porpoise.

It was a difficult winter for all in this small school, and thoughts and prayers continue to be with Zach’s and Prescott’s families. In tragedy we often find fellowship, and in this case that fellowship extended to the entire community.

On behalf of all the members of our board of directors, our faculty and staff and our student body, please know we deeply appreciate the support we received from this wonderful community during those difficult days. There are so many to thank that it’s impossible to list them all in this letter, so to all of you who helped, guided and supported us, please accept our heartfelt thanks.

Events like this remind us not only to appreciate and value each day we’re alive but to appreciate all those around us who help us through our more difficult days. To all in the community, thanks so much for the support.

Robert J. DeColfmacker, president, The Landing School


Pull a ‘Palin’

I just cannot believe the arrogance of our governor and the minority Republican Party. The voters have spoken, and they refuse to listen.

He insults our intelligence by saying the Democrats have “duped” us, but all the misinformation I see is coming from him. Well, maybe we were duped by both sides, but we are the voters, and our wishes will be followed.

The governor needs to do what the majority of Mainers want for the state, not his own personal agenda. I suggest he pull a Sarah Palin and resign if he does not agree with the majority of Maine voters.

John McGinn