ROCKLAND, Maine — Rockland firefighters managed to extinguish a fire at the city dump Wednesday afternoon more than an hour after it broke out.

A city street was shut down as firefighters battled the fire.

Firetrucks were stationed across the western end of Limerock Street as water was poured on the fire, which was discovered about 5 p.m. Flames could be seen in material dumped on top of the former limestone quarry, which the city uses for disposal of demolition debris.

Large plumes of gray smoke filled the air at the end of Limerock Street near the busy intersection with Old County Road.

Fire Chief Charles Jordan Jr. said it appeared to be a surface fire and not a below-surface fire, which would be a concern because the debris in the quarry is more than 100 feet deep. Past fires at the dump have taken days to douse.

David St. Laurent, solid waste director for the city, said he worries whenever a fire breaks out in the quarry.

The fire chief said breezy conditions and low humidity make it more likely a fire can start among debris.