LEBANON, Maine — A 21-year-old skydiver may not have landed in the place she planned, but serious injury was avoided Wednesday after she glanced off a parked vehicle.

Early Wednesday afternoon a woman skydiving with Skydive New England struck her leg on a parked vehicle while landing, but refused transport to the hospital after the incident, said Eli Bolotin, safety and training adviser for Skydive New England.

At most, the woman’s injuries included a cut and some bruising, said Bolotin, and while the incident looked like a big deal from afar, “Her pride was hurt more than anything,” he said.

Bolotin emphasized the woman, who was relatively new to skydiving, followed the right protocol. The incident occurred during her second jump of the day, he said.

“She avoided greater injury by not doing radical maneuvers,” Bolotin said late Wednesday afternoon.

According to Bolotin’s preliminary understanding of the situation, the 21-year-old skydiver had a “fantastic” one-minute free fall after jumping off the plane. Then, when she was using the parachute, the wind shifted as she was setting up her landing pattern. The skydiver knew she was out of position, and rather than making aggressive turns, which could have put her in danger, the woman took the straight path, landing at a vehicle that was parked right outside the landing zone.

“The No. 1 priority is to … avoid any aggressive turns,” said Bolotin, who said the landing site is separated from the parking spaces by a buffer.

He said that the incident occurred at Skydive Lane.

The Lebanon Rescue Department evaluated the skydiver after the incident, and no transport to the hospital was made.

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