FAIRFIELD, Maine — A local man well known to police for “aggressive and combative” behavior was arrested Monday night after allegedly barging into a home, assaulting the residents and repeatedly kicking a police officer in the head, according to acting Fairfield police Chief Joe Massey.

Ronald Scott Brousseau, 49, of Fairfield, faces six charges, including two felonies, related to the incident that started at a home on Lawrence Avenue, said Massey.

Brousseau was charged with aggravated assault, assault on an officer, criminal trespass, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, criminal mischief and violation of condition of release.

“It’s a very disturbing incident where some individual who obviously appeared very intoxicated walked into someone’s home and was at the point of impairment where he didn’t know what he was doing,” said Massey. “He is someone who was out of control.”

At about 8 p.m., an 84-year-old woman heard a knock at her door, according to Massey. The woman opened the door to find Brousseau who barged into the house and asked, “Where’s Angie?”

The woman said she didn’t know an Angie and repeatedly asked Brousseau to leave, said Massey. Brousseau reportedly moved past the woman and headed to another bedroom where the woman’s 44-year-old daughter was located.

“[The daughter] tried to push him back and get him out, but he tried to barge past her and get upstairs,” said Massey. “She picked up a walking stick and swung and hit the guy.”

Massey said Brousseau knocked down the daughter and kicked her in the face several times. The mother tried to intervene, but she was knocked down by Brousseau as well, he said.

“He went into another bedroom, where [the mother’s 48-year-old son] was. There was a confrontation between the son and the intruder,” said Massey. “After a brief interaction, the guy went downstairs and took off.”

Massey said Fairfield police received a call at about 8:30 p.m. from the daughter, who was driving behind Brousseau as he walked down Western Avenue.

Fairfield police Officer Matt Wilcox responded to the call and saw the woman gesturing to him as she drove behind Brousseau, who was now on Osmond Street, according to Massey.

“The officer [got out of his vehicle and] told him to stop, but he took off running, but didn’t make it very far,” said Massey.

Wilcox returned to his vehicle and drove toward Brousseau. The officer got out of his vehicle and again told Brousseau to stop.

“At some point, he stopped about 25 feet away from the officer,” said Massey. “He turned around and just charged the officer in an aggressive manner.”

Wilcox drew his Taser and hit Brousseau, but Massey said the Taser was ineffective as one of the probes hit a wad of paper in Brousseau’s pocket.

“He tried to reload, but [Brousseau] was almost on top of him,” he said. “[The officer] started to go backwards to get some distance to get his Mace out, but he fell to the ground. [Brousseau] kicked the officer in the face and kicked him two or three more times in the head area. He was finally able to roll away, get to his feet and Mace the guy.”

Wilcox and another officer were able to subdue Brousseau, who was transported to Somerset County Jail in Madison, where he remained on Tuesday afternoon. His bail has not yet been set. He has a court date of August 14.

Officer Wilcox and the victims received minor injuries, but weren’t transported to the hospital, said Massey.

Brousseau is well known to Fairfield and Waterville police, he said.

The police used a Taser on Brousseau in January after he refused to leave Lawrence High School in Fairfield.

Later that day, he was charged again after allegedly assaulting an emergency medical care provider at MaineGeneral Medical Center in Waterville.

“He has a long history of being very aggressive and combative,” said Massey.