WATERBORO, Maine — A man who shot his neighbor’s Rottweiler in the leg last week could face charges.

According to a report in the Journal Tribune, Melissa and Glenn Carter of Waterboro let out their dog Tyson along with their other dog. Ten minutes later, Tyson came limping home. A visit to the vet’s office revealed the dog had been shot.

Tyson has undergone costly surgery — Melissa Carter told the Journal Tribune she expects total veterinarian bills to run about $3,000. The family says there had never been complaints about the dog before. Carter said she hopes the neighbor will be charged and forced to pay restitution for the vet bills.

The neighbor told the animal control officer that the dog was being aggressive, the report said.

It was the second time this year a dog has been shot in Waterboro. In March, a woman was charged with shooting and killing a neighbor’s bull mastiff in her yard.