AUBURN, Maine — A Lewiston man charged in the April murder of 20-year-old Romeo Parent was arrested Thursday in Beverly, Mass.

Sebastian Moody, 22, of 135 Bartlett St., was caught in large part because he landed himself a job at a carnival, police said.

Moody was indicted by an Androscoggin County grand jury in May on a charge of hindering apprehension or prosecution stemming from Parent’s slaying. Police said he fled the state around that time.

This week, the Beverly Foundation Carnival was setting up at the local high school, prepared to offer rides and games through the weekend. Moody got work there, according to Robert Gates, an editor at the Beverly Patch, but he didn’t count on a law that requires the carnival to turn their employee manifest over to police.

When the local police did a background check, they found that Moody was wanted. At about 2:30 p.m., he was arrested on a charge of fugitive from justice and is expected to be extradited to Maine to appear in court on the Class C felony hindering charge.

Moody was spending Thursday night at the jail in Middleton. He’s expected to make an appearance Friday at the district court in Salem.

According to an affidavit filed by Maine State Police Detective Randall Keaten, Moody implicated Michael McNaughton, 25, of Lewiston in Parent’s killing, telling a friend that McNaughton had strangled Parent with a wire cable in a wooded area in Greene and that it had taken him six tries before Parent died. Moody told his friend that Parent’s remains were in a dumpster, in a river or even out of state, according to Keaten’s affidavit.

Parent’s remains were eventually recovered in a river in Monmouth.

Moody said another friend, William True Jr., 19, of Lewiston, was taking the fall for Parent’s killing because “he was smart like that and knew that the evidence would save him,” according to the affidavit. True was charged in the case with hindering apprehension or prosecution. He has pleaded not guilty.

Moody’s case was joined with that of McNaughton and Nathan Morton, 24, of Greene who also is charged with murder in Parent’s slaying.