MILFORD — When Dr. Energy Saver comes calling, homeowners save energy and money.

And the savings can be significant.

Last year Milford-based contractor Keith Trembley acquired the Dr. Energy Saver Home Services franchise for Maine. Based in Connecticut, Dr. Energy Saver “is the largest [energy] retrofit company in the country now” with more than 100 franchises nationwide, he said.

A long-time builder involved with commercial and residential projects throughout Maine, Trembley started Keith Trembley Builder Inc. in 1980. The company evolved into Keith Trembley Home Solutions, which also represents Total Basement Finishing and Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling.

The Dr. Energy Saver acquisition “was a natural fit” for Keith Trembley Home Solutions, which performs “about 1,050 [home-related] projects a year,” Trembley said. His company provides many residential services, such as:

• Basement and crawl-space repairs;

• Clean-up and restoration of fire-damaged buildings;

• Design and drafting for building additions;

• Indoor air quality testing and remediation;

• Mold testing and remediation;

• Remodeling projects of all types;

• Restoration of water-damaged property.

“Residential remodeling and restoration is what our niche is,” said Trembley, an Old Town native. “We do a lot of high-end remodeling.

“We go into many homes every year to do different types of projects,” he said. “Now, with Dr. Energy Saver, we can visit a customer’s home” and perform a free “energy assessment” to determine “what things the customer can do to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.”

Described by Dr. Energy Saver literature as “a whole house energy evaluation,” the assessment involves a trained specialist inspecting a house and conducting various tests “to accurately identify and locate the causes of the troublesome areas” within the house. The literature lists several “symptoms” that could indicate energy-related problems:

• Musty smells;

• Occupants suffering from allergies or asthma;

• Particular rooms that, despite the season, are too cold or too hot;

• Rooms that are drafty or dusty.

“The assessment is absolutely free to the homeowner,” Trembley stressed. “It can target a specific room or a few rooms, rather than a whole house, if that is what the customer wants.

“Not everyone wants to spend the money to retrofit the whole house,” he said. “Dr. Energy Saver provides a fabulous software package” that “recommends specific solutions” to specific problems.

“Every solution is listed; we can print that information out and leave it with” the homeowner, who can use the list to determine which projects to pursue, Trembley said.

A homeowner is “under absolutely no obligation” to hire Keith Trembley Home Solutions to perform the desired work, he stressed. Many homeowners are doing so, however; Trembley estimated that “our experienced professionals” are completing one energy-related project “a week.”

Each homeowner sets different goals based on the Dr. Energy Saver assessment. “We group these [solutions] under a customer’s ‘accomplish’ list,” Trembley said.

One Augusta couple prioritized their desired goals. The first involved “making two bedrooms warm that always seemed to be cold [in winter],” Trembley recalled. The couple’s second goal “was reducing heating costs.”

“We targeted those goals with the [Dr. Energy Saver] treatments that accomplished what our customers wanted,” he said. “The customers are very pleased with the results.”

Projects can range from installing insulation or energy-efficient appliances to sealing air leaks, installing a tank-less water heater or a “smart” thermostat, and replacing heat-producing light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Some projects involve only a few hours; others require more time, as when insulating an attic or crawl space.

Savings in energy and money vary with the project, Trembley pointed out. He estimated that one particular customer “will save 20-30 percent on their heating bill” after several Dr. Energy Saver treatments were completed in the person’s home.

For information about Dr. Energy Saver Home Services, contact Keith Trembley at 827-4205 or or go to