BURLINGTON, Vt. – Garry Davis died peacefully July 24, 2013, in Williston, Vt. He was born July 27, 1921, in Bar Harbor, to musician Hilda Emery and band-leader Meyer Davis.
He is survived by two of his siblings, Ginia Wexler-Davis and Emery Davis; four children, Kristina, Troy, Athena and Kim; granddaughter, Emma Davis; former wife, Esther Peter Davis, in 1963, in France; as well as many extended family members; and close friend, Robin Lloyd.
Garry was “World Citizen No. 1.” An actor and dancer by profession, he stood in for Danny Kaye on Broadway in 1942. A B-17 pilot during World War II, he was profoundly shaken by the death of his brother, Meyer Jr. “Bud” and his experience “bombing women and children.” He spent the remainder of his life striving to create a political environment for world peace. Affirming that being born human guarantees inalienable rights of sovereign choice, Garry founded World Government of World Citizens and its administrative arm – World Service Authority, proclaiming their existence Sept. 4, 1953, from Ellsworth Town Hall. The World Passport the WSA issues to this day, based on the mandate of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has helped thousands of war victims and displaced refugees regain official identification and freedom. Garry firmly believed one could personally start bringing about world peace, in a pragmatic and legitimate way. By publicly declaring oneself a world citizen, one signifies to all fellow world citizens one’s recognition of humanity and refusal of war. In a practical sense, one “makes peace” with the human family. At a global level, he believed world law enforced by a world court of human rights would resolve conflicts through law, replacing the anarchy of war.
A memorial will be held during the Human Rights Day festival Dec. 10; www.universalrightsfestival.org. Donations may be sent to www.worldservice.org.