KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — A Kennebunkport police officer remains heavily sedated, recovering from serious injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident as an investigation into what caused that accident continues.

Kennebunkport police Officer Marc Laflamme, who lives in Kennebunkport, is in Maine Medical Center with serious injuries after his motorcycle crashed on Arundel Road last week.

There are few known details about the accident, according to Police Chief Craig Sanford, who said Laflamme was injured in the single-vehicle accident in the early morning of Friday, July 26.

Sanford said it is unknown what caused the accident.

An investigator from the Sanford Police Department reconstructed the accident immediately, and the Kennebunkport police chief said his department is awaiting those findings, which he said could take weeks. Sanford said the Kennebunkport Police Department also has requested a blood alcohol analysis, to be conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services in Augusta, and is conducting interviews.

“The accident was reconstructed and I’m waiting for a report back to give us some answers,” he said. “This is treated like we would treat anything else. Just because it involves one of our officers does not mean we would do anything different.”

Police have been unable to speak with Laflamme because he is under heavy sedation, Sanford said.

“Where it’s an ongoing investigation, because we have not spoken with the individual involved in the accident, we would not be speaking about the evidence,” Sanford said. “We have not received anything.”

Sanford said the Kennebunkport Police and Emergency Medical Services departments responded to the scene following the accident.

He said the Kennebunkport Police Department is the only agency involved in the investigation at this time.

Town Manager Larry Mead said the town is approaching this case as it does any accident.

“The procedures that we followed will all be documented and people, if they have concerns after the fact, will be welcome to come in and ask,” he said.

Sanford said he did not know whether Laflamme has short-term disability coverage, but said he will be able to use sick time.

“Our big concern is him recovering,” Sanford said.

Stuart Barwise, chairman of the Kennebunkport Board of Selectmen, said the board is aware of the accident investigation, adding that it was “heartbreaking” to hear that Laflamme was injured.

“He’s such a good guy. We’re all pulling for him and counting the days until he’s back to full function,” Barwise said. “From a Board perspective, our only concern at this point is Marc recovering and getting himself back to full function and health. We support what the Police Department does and wouldn’t speak to an investigation that’s ongoing. Our mission, our thoughts, is just to Marc and his health.”

Laflamme joined the Kennebunkport Police Department as a full-time patrolman in October 2007 after working as a summer reserve officer since 2001. Laflamme is a longtime volunteer with the Kennebunkport Fire Department and Kennebunkport Emergency Medical Services.