MILLINOCKET, Maine – School board Chairman Kevin Gregory was at a Boston hospital due to be operated on Thursday to address an undisclosed ailment, Superintendent Kenneth Smith said.

Smith did not disclose the name of the hospital. Gregory had been hospitalized at Eastern Maine Medical Center since Tuesday, board member Arnold Hopkins said Thursday.

“I am not quite sure what is going on,” Hopkins said. “I just hope it is not too serious. He is a good man. He tries very hard.”

The effect on the school board of Gregory’s illness was not clear. Millinocket School Committee Chairman Donald Dow Jr. was in Boston with Gregory, Smith said. The board’s next meeting is Aug. 7, Hopkins said.

Gregory had made news most recently by opposing a proposed Millinocket School Department budget of $6.2 million because it contained a $322,000 cut made by the Town Council. That budget was defeated by 10 votes on Tuesday, with 385 votes opposed to it against 375 who favored it.