ELLIOTSVILLE TOWNSHIP, Maine — The Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department is seeking help from the public in identifying two people suspected of vandalizing a camp late last month.

A man returned to his camp on the Wilson Campground Road to discover that it had been broken into, Deputy David Wilson said on Monday. The break-in is believed to have occurred on July 24.

“They broke into his shed and took tools out. They ripped off the board in front of a front window and broke the window pane to get into the camp,” said Wilson. “They caused a lot of hate and discontent. They overturned tables, smashed liquor bottles. Basically any piece of furniture they found, they decided to pick up and toss. It was basically juvenile stuff.”

Wilson said the camp owner doesn’t believe anything was stolen.

The camp owner estimated the damage to be about $250, said Wilson. However, Wilson believes the true estimate to be near $1,000 once labor costs are factored. There was extensive damage done to the window frame as well, he added.

A game camera set up by the camp owner took a picture of two juveniles who are suspected to have been involved in the break-in.

Wilson said he believes they are from the area.

“We don’t see that any vehicle was used. My best estimate is that these kids are local,” he said. “This camp is way back in the woods. You kind of have to know it’s there.”

This is the second time in two years that this particular camp has been broken into, Wilson said.

Anyone with information related to the break-in or the identity of the two suspects in the photograph is asked to call the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department at 564-3304 or email Dep. David Wilson at dwilson@piscataquis.us.