PARIS, Maine — An Oxford man charged with assaulting a police officer and failing to report an accident early Monday morning appeared in 11th District Court in the afternoon.

John Paul Roaix, 28, of King Street was arrested by Oxford police around 1:30 a.m. Monday on charges of assaulting an officer, assault, disorderly conduct, failure to submit to arrest and failure to report an accident.

According to an arrest report from Oxford Officer Daniel Bragg, Bragg was called to a Fore Street residence for a report of a male out of control. He found an “extremely intoxicated” Roaix being restrained by Jeffery Witham, who lives at the residence.

According to statements from Witham and two female witnesses at the scene, Roaix arrived at the home, fell face first on the stairs and became highly agitated and violent, to the point that Witham had to hold him down and the other witnesses called the police.

Roaix resisted Bragg’s attempts to cuff him and heaped profanity-laced verbal abuse on the officer, according to the report.

Even after being handcuffed, Roaix continued to resist being put in a police cruiser and Norway police Officer James Ventresca had to provide back-up, Bragg reported.

Several times, according to Bragg, Roaix pledged to cooperate, only to begin struggling with the officers again.

Bragg and Ventresca were able to get Roaix into the back of the police cruiser. He worked his cuffed hands from behind to in front of him so the officers took him out of the car and recuffed him.

A member of Oxford Rescue arrived to evaluate Roaix and was helping the officers get him back into the cruiser when he was kicked by Roaix and withdrew, according to Bragg’s report.

Shortly afterward, Roaix also kicked Ventresca in the groin while the officer was attempting to calm him down, Bragg reported.

Ventresca stunned Roaix with a Taser, according to Bragg’s report.

“It was at this point Mr. Roaix actually started to comply with our commands and sat up in the seat and we were able to seat belt Mr. Roaix for transport to the jail,” Bragg said in his report.

Roaix was wearing one sneaker when he arrived at the Fore Street house and Bragg said the matching shoe was found at the scene of a single-vehicle accident a ways away.

Oxford Police Chief Jon Tibbetts said the vehicle was found on its side in the middle of Skeetfield Road, which is across Route 26 from Fore Street. Roaix was not injured in the crash, Tibbetts said.

As of Monday afternoon, Roaix was being held on $200 cash bail at the Oxford County Jail.