BANGOR, Maine — Blueberry Broadcasting has taken a local sports radio station off the air while it determines the station’s future, according to a company official.

The all-sports station WAEI AM 910, which had most of its content provided by Fox Sports Radio, went off the air on the first of this month, but its future is still undecided.

“We have not made any final decisions regarding what’s going to happen with that radio station,” Bruce Biette, Blueberry’s vice president and chief operating officer, said Friday in a phone interview. “I would not make the assumption that the radio station is going away.”

Biette declined to say what led to the decision to take the station down. He said he doesn’t have listener data because the station didn’t subscribe to ratings.

No Blueberry Broadcasting employees were affected by the shutdown, as content for the station was largely nationally syndicated Fox Sports Network broadcasts. Blueberry Broadcasting is based in Kennebunkport and owns 17 radio stations in Maine.

WAEI, like most AM stations, has a “fair amount of history,” Biette said. It was among the first radio stations in the state, starting out as WABI in 1924. Over the years, it broadcasted a range of programming from Sunday First Universalist Church broadcasts to country music.

Blueberry purchased the station in 2008. It was affiliated with Boston’s WEEI sports shortly thereafter, but that relationship ended in 2010 and Blueberry began using content from FSN.