TROY, Maine — A 34-year-old man was arrested Friday and charged with stalking after police said he had frightened a Waldo County high school girl for months.

Ryan Drake of Troy was arrested by the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant. He apparently had grown infatuated months ago with the teenage girl, Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said Monday.

Drake had been banned from the girl’s high school last year by school officials because he was “making people very uncomfortable,” Trafton said. Drake allegedly was hanging around the complex for no reason and also had pushed a student there.

The girl told police that Drake, whom she did not know, had been showing up at her sporting events and also her summertime place of employment. At one point, he followed her into an employee-only area, Trafton said, noting that the girl’s car was the only one in the lot and she might have appeared to be alone at work.

“He started behaving very inappropriately and making her very uncomfortable,” Trafton said.

At the beginning of the school year, Drake contacted Trafton to see if his yearlong ban from the school complex could be revoked. Trafton, who at that point did not know of the alleged stalking behavior, contacted the superintendent, who told him that officials were holding fast to the ban.

Drake also is reported to have attended one of the girl’s away games at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, police said.

“It became clear that he was there for her,” Trafton said. “It has affected her … She told police she’s scared all the time. She never knows when she’ll run into him.”

Drake was taken to Waldo County Jail in Belfast where he was booked and then released the same day on $1,000 cash bail. His bail conditions include having no direct or indirect contact with the victim and not going near her residence, place of employment, school or sporting events that involve the high school, Trafton said.