FARMINGTON, Maine — A local man, spotted in a cemetery after dark, now faces charges of driving under the influence and criminal trespass.

A vehicle driven by Javier Gonzalez, 29, of Farmington, was seen in the Riverside Cemetery by Farmington Police Sgt. Michael Adcock, who was patrolling the Farmington Falls Road area Thursday night.

He noticed a vehicle at the end of the cemetery just before midnight, said Bonnie Pomeroy, department secretary.

People are not suppose to be in cemeteries after dark so Adcock went in to check on it, she said.

Gonzalez was either stopping the vehicle or starting to drive off when Adcock arrived at his vehicle.

While talking with Gonzalez, Adcock smelled alcohol and tested him, she said. He failed the field sobriety tests.

The reason why Gonzalez was in the cemetery is uncertain, according to Adcock’s report. No damage to the cemetery was reported.

Gonzalez was arrested on the charges and taken to Franklin County Detention Center.