PHILLIPS, Maine — A 9-year-old Arabian horse has been missing since Oct. 8 after it left a corral with an electric fence around it in the Bray Hill area.

It is unknown why it took off, Phyllis Savage of Phillips said.

The mare is 14.3 hands tall and is mostly brown with a little white on its forehead, she said. It was wearing a maroon halter.

Her 12-year-old granddaughter was staying at a friend’s and brought her horse, Allie, so she and her friend could ride together, she said.

The two are in the Giddy-Up & Go 4-H Club in Farmington. The horse and her granddaughter have been to the friend’s house before, she said.

The horse was seen during the day and was missing when her granddaughter came home from school, Savage said.

Family members and others have been searching for the horse ever since. The area is thickly wooded, she said. They have even had someone fly over the area in a plane to see if they could spot the horse, she said.

Anyone who has seen the horse is asked to call Phyllis Savage at 639-5936 or Marc at 684-4418.