BANGOR, Maine — The Bangor Public Library was broken into twice in two days, and police are searching for the culprits, believed to be a pair of juveniles.

Surveillance images caught two suspects breaking into the library Sunday night and stealing a donation jug off the circulation desk, according to Lisa Frazell, the library’s director of marketing and development. On Monday evening, Frazell believes the same suspects got in and stole a donated television display.

Bangor police Lt. Tom Reagan confirmed that police are investigating the incidents. The amount of money taken from the jug was not disclosed.

Frazell said Tuesday the money stolen from the donation jar was for the library’s $9-million renovation project. She added it’s the first time such an incident has occurred at the library.

Frazell said said the jug, a large water jug, was filled roughly a quarter of the way to the top.

“It was a jug we had on our circulation desk for patrons to contribute,” Frazell said.

She added the suspects likely weren’t aware they were captured on surveillance cameras.

“I don’t think these young culprits thought we actually had those,” Frazell said.

Frazell said library officials are disappointed the money likely won’t be recovered, but are hopeful justice will prevail.

“We want the people to know we are a secure building and we do take these things seriously,” she said. “We have had huge community support toward this campaign.”

Frazell said she has an idea how the suspects managed to break in, but that information was not available.

“We have an idea but we’re not disclosing that at this time,” she said. “We want the police to be able to do their work.”

Anybody with knowledge of the incidents should contact Bangor police at 947-7382. The department’s tip line can be accessed by pressing extension 6.

Ryan McLaughlin

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