Chef Chris Long, Natalie’s at The Camden Harbour Inn

Butter poached Maine lobster, grilled local mushrooms, corn and parsnips ragout, thyme butter.


1 lobster

2 oz wild mushroom

1 cup corn

½ cup chopped parsnips

1 cup corn stock

1 shallot minced

½ pound butter

2 ounces thyme

1 lemon


micro arugula

basil flowers

parsnip chips


Boil lobster in salted water, 7 minutes for claws, 3 mins for tail and shock in ice water.

Take lobster out of shell and place claws and tail in 10 oz. of butter.

Chop thyme and fold in 4 oz of butter and set aside.

Saute shallot in 2 oz butter, add corn stock and reduce by half.

Add corn, chopped parsnips and knuckle meat and ½ lemon juice.

Season with salt and pepper.

Grill mushrooms and set in lobster butter.

Gently warm up butter to heat up lobsters.

Place ragout in middle of the plate.

Take lobster and mushrooms out of butter and season with salt and pepper and lemon juice.

Place lobster and mushrooms over ragout.

Spoon tarragon butter around lobster and ragout.

Garnish with parsnip chips, micro arugula, and basil flowers.

Jon Gaboric, executive chef at Natalie’s at The Camden Harbour Inn

Butter poached lobster with a corn and miso puree, shaved radish salad, geoduck dressing, crispy quinoa and yuzu foam


1 lobster, hard-shell, 1.5 lb

2 cups fresh corn

1 tsp of yellow miso paste

Sliced butter radish and red radish

Rice wine vinegar

Quinoa, cooked and fried

1 geoduck, cleaned and sliced

Yuzu juice

Cook the claws 4 minutes and the tails 3 minutes. Shock in ice water.

Blanch corn, pass, fold miso paste into the corn and pass through a fine strainer.

Mandaline the radish, paper thin and marinate in rice vinegar.

Cook and chill quinoa and fry in small batches.

Toss geoduck slices with olive oil, lemon juice.

Foam yuzu.

Chef Shanna O’Hea, Academe at The Kennebunk Inn

Lobster Lo’Maine

Entree or tasting size appetizer

Serves: 1 entree size or 4 small tasting size


4 ounces — Cooked and chilled fresh Maine lobster, tail, knuckle and claw

4 pieces — Pork belly, ½-inch thick cube

¼ pound — Fresh lo mein noodles, blanched and chilled

¼ bunch — Cilantro leaves

1 each — Scallions, green part sliced on bias

1 teaspoon — Sesame seeds

Drizzle — Ginger vinegar*

White Miso Dressing

¼ cup — White miso

¼ cup — Mayonnaise

2 tablespoons — White soy sauce*

2 tablespoons — Lemon honey

1 tablespoon — Mirin

1 teaspoon — Rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon — Sambal


Method for Dressing

Combine all ingredients in bowl and whisk together. Check seasoning if want more spicy add more Sambal.

Family Style Plating

In large bowl, mix together the noodles and miso dressing making sure all the noodles are coated.

Mix in scallions and lobster meat.

Place noodles in large bowl, scatter with cilantro leaves and sesame seeds.

Pan-Sear pork belly in non-stick pan over medium high heat, all sides should be caramelized and warmed through.

Place pork belly on top of noodles and drizzle with ginger vinegar.

Individual Mini Tasting Method Plating

For individual tasting place ¾ ounce of miso dressed noodles and lobster in miniature Chinese take-out containers. Garnish with warm pork belly, cilantro, sesame seeds and ginger vinegar.