ROCKLAND, Maine — A convicted sex offender accused of stealing an air conditioner contested a motion Wednesday in court to revoke his probation.

Donald R. Keating Jr., 54, of Owls Head, was convicted in 2003 of 11 counts of sexually assaulting a girl from 1989 through 1992. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but seven years suspended. He was also ordered to be on probation for six years upon his release.

In August, Keating was charged with criminal trespass and theft in connection with a stolen air conditioner after a witness reported to police that Keating took it from the Thomaston transfer station.

When a Rockland police officer stopped the car Keating was driving, Keating initially said someone had walked by and given the air conditioner to him, according to Thomaston police Chief Kevin Haj.

The chief said Keating eventually admitted to taking the air conditioner.

When Keating appeared in Knox County Superior Court Wednesday for an initial appearance on the probation revocation request by the state, he contested the motion.

Keating remains free pending a hearing.

If his probation is revoked, he could be ordered to serve a portion or all of the previously suspended eight years of his 2003 sentence.