PARIS — A Dixfield woman arrested at Dirigo Elementary School earlier this week appeared Friday in 11th District Court in South Paris to face multiple charges.

Beverly Lunsford, 27, was arrested around 6 p.m. Wednesday and was nearly dragged out of the school’s gymnasium by police after her refusal to complete a field sobriety test, according to a report from Maine State Trooper Jason Wing.

Lunsford is charged with disorderly conduct, refusing to submit to arrest, unlawful possession of drugs and violation of conditions of release, all misdemeanors.

Police responded to a call from the school at about 4 p.m. reporting that Lunsford had taken nearly 15 minutes to park her vehicle and was believed to be impaired, according to Wing’s report.

Lunsford was attending a parent-teacher conference with her child when Wing and Oxford County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Timothy Holland arrived at the school, the trooper said. Other parents, teachers and students were at the school during the incident.

After the conference was over, Wing interviewed Lunsford in the school’s gymnasium. She admitted to having difficulty parking but blamed it on faulty power steering. She told Wing that she was using medication for which she had a prescription.

Wing attempted to arrest Lunsford for OUI after she faltered several times during a field sobriety test then became “confrontational and uncooperative” and refused to finish the test.

Lunsford struggled against Wing’s attempt to arrest her, screamed and swore at him, Wing said.

Her resistance was so intense, Wing reported, that he had to “nearly drag her out of the school and to my cruiser.”

Lunsford continued to struggle and scream and officers and passers-by, even after Wing managed to force her into his cruiser. She also complained that she couldn’t breathe and the handcuffs were cutting her wrists, prompting Wing to call for an ambulance. Medics confirmed Lunsford’s condition before she was transported to the Oxford County Jail.

According to Wing’s report, Lunsford admitted to snorting her prescription for busiprone, a drug used to treat anxiety, and police found a snorting straw with her prescription.

Lunsford was released on $500 cash bail on Friday afternoon. She is expected to appear in Rumford District Court on Jan. 13.