ALFRED, Maine — Alexis Wright, the former Kennebunk fitness instructor who secretly helped run a prostitution business out of her Zumba studio, was released from jail on Saturday.

Wright, 30, was released from York County Jail on Saturday morning, according to a jail administrator.

Wright pleaded guilty to 14 counts of engaging in prostitution, one count of promotion of prostitution, one count of conspiracy to promote prostitution and two counts each of theft by deception and state income tax evasion.

She served a little more than half her 10-month sentence for tax evasion and prostitution-related charges, and gained international notoriety for her role in the small-town scandal that quickly became a media sensation.

Among the charges dropped by prosecutors from the York County district attorney’s office and the state attorney general’s office as part of a plea deal were dozens of counts of invasion of privacy and welfare fraud.

Thomaston-based business partner Mark Strong was sentenced to 20 days in jail in late March after being convicted by a jury of 12 counts of promotion of prostitution and one count of conspiracy to promote prostitution. He was released after 15 days because of good behavior.

Police claimed that Wright kept a detailed client ledger with as many as 150 names on it, stoking widespread public speculation about whether any prominent local individuals would be revealed as johns.

Ultimately, 68 people — including a former mayor, lawyer and local minister — were charged with engaging in prostitution. Despite police comments in the spring that as many as 40 more could be added to that list, a judge’s decision that Wright effectively could not be forced to testify against the alleged clients prevented additional summonses.

BDN writer Seth Koenig contributed to this report.