NEW YORK — A father and his son were killed on Sunday after plunging from a high-rise apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, police said.

Brooklyn resident Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, and his son Kirill, 3, fell from the South Park Tower on W. 60th Street on Manhattan’s West Side, witnesses told police.

A New York Police Department spokesman said Kanarikov may have jumped from the roof of the 52-story building after the child was seen falling, and an investigation was ongoing.

Local media reported Kanarikov had been involved in a custody dispute with the boy’s mother in recent months, but police could not confirm that.

There was nothing to indicate that anyone else was with Kanarikov and the child when the incident occurred just after midday, the spokesman said. It was not known what, if any, connection the pair had to the building.

The luxury apartment building was the same one in which four people died in a fire in 1998 that started in an apartment where the actor Macaulay Culkin lived with his family.