BANGOR, Maine — A state court official has issued a warning to Mainers about a computer scam that has been reported in other states.

The scam involves an email alleging “illegal software use” and that recipients are expected or ordered to appear in an unspecified state court, said Mary Ann Lynch, spokeswoman for the judiciary.

In other states, the scam emails have impersonated the domain names of well known national law firms and may contain an attachment, supposedly a court notice or summons, or may contain a link to website, Lynch said. Some reports say that the attachment or link may download a virus onto the user’s computer or device.

“Anyone receiving such an email in Maine should not open any attachments or click on links in the emails,” Lynch said. “A notice about upcoming court appearances in Maine would not be given to state residents in this manner.”

Maine people should know that they are never summoned to court by email.