BANGOR, Maine — A 20-year-old resident at Mountain View Youth Development Center faces charges after allegedly lighting a pile of trash on fire inside the building.

Martin Pike, who resides at the 133-bed, secure juvenile correctional facility in Charleston, faces charges of aggravated criminal mischief and arson, according to court documents. He made his first appearance at the Penobscot Judicial Center on Monday.

Maine Department of Corrections Investigator Casey Riitano received an email from Mountain View Superintendent Jeffrey Morin on Jan. 3 saying that Pike had started a fire in his housing unit, according to Riitano’s report filed with the court.

Riitano reviewed surveillance footage from the unit and watched Pike walk to the corner of a common area, lay down a pile of trash on the carpet, walk to an outlet and “put something in it.” According to staff, Pike put in pieces of pencil lead. The lead caused a spark, and Pike then allegedly picked up the trash pile and put it in a trash bag.

Later, after staff had checked the room, Pike allegedly picked trash out of the trash bag, using the same method to cause a spark and light the trash on fire.

Other residents reported the fire after they smelled something burning.

“Resident Martin Pike has been involved in several serious misconducts while housed at Mountain View Youth Development Center, many of which have threatened the physical security of the facility and its residents and staff,” Riitano said. “The facility believes he is dangerous and continued housing at [the center] is a security risk and the likelihood of ongoing criminal activity is imminent.”

For that reason, Pike was taken to Penobscot County Jail, where he remained Monday evening.