PORTLAND, Maine — Move over coffee brandy, there’s a new drink that captures the essence of Maine.

According to BuzzFeed website, Maine’s signature cocktail is Dust to Dust. The ginger-forward drink created at Grace restaurant in Portland is made with Cold River Vodka, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, Aperol, and ginger syrup.

In the article “What’s your home state’s signature cocktail? Welcome to the United States of Inebriation,” Dust to Dust dusted the competition. The winning concoctions must have “A combination of state of origin, popularity, and exclusivity.”

Maybe a little too exclusive in Grace’s case. The cocktail was no longer featured at the church-turned-restaurant when the piece posted last week.

It is now.

“I got emails and texts from all over the place about it and obviously that kind if Internet presence is great,” Grace owner Anne Verrill said Monday in an email. “It was on the menu for close to a year. One of my bartenders, Dave Smith, came up with it.”

Made with vodka distilled in Freeport gives this drink a Maine edge, but is this the top sip in the state?

BuzzFeed singled Massachusetts out for its Cape Codder, no argument there. Vermont’s The Old Vermont — gin, maple syrup, lemon juice, orange juice, and bitters — is hard to dicker with. But no nutmeg in Connecticut’s Limonata at Mohegan Sun?

Kathleen Pierce

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