FALMOUTH, Maine — Police are searching for a third suspect in connection with a daytime burglary, car theft and assault last week on Merrill Road.

Police said Christopher Girard, 30, is one of three men who were allegedly in the midst of a home burglary when they were interrupted by the homeowner.

Suspects Paul Cleary-Gagnon, 28, of Arundel, and Jeffery C. Poirier, 32, of Saco, were arrested and charged with burglary within minutes of the incident, but Girard remained at large as of Monday night. He was believed to be in Biddeford.

The incident began about 3:40 p.m. Friday, March 21, when a resident of Merrill Road returned home to find three men leaving his house with a purloined jewelry box, according to Lt. John Kilbride.

The homeowner parked his car — blocking the driveway’s exit — and briefly confronted the trio, who were in their car.

“In the course of trying to get his property, they accelerated and hit him with the car,” Kilbride said. “He got a pretty good cut on his leg and got tossed.”

When the getaway driver tried to steer around the homeowner’s car, the suspects’ car became stuck in the snow.

“So there they are, stuck in the snow in full panic mode,” he said. “All three of them bailed out of the car and started running. ”

Two of the men ran in separate directions, while Girard allegedly hopped in the homeowner’s 2006 Lexus and drove off. Meanwhile, the homeowner was on the phone with police who were, coincidentally, nearby.

Cleary-Gagnon, was “apprehended instantly” on Middle Road, Kilbride said, while Poirier was tracked with a police dog and arrested soon after.

Meanwhile, police ran a check on the abandoned Taurus, which is registered to Girard’s mother.

“We had information very quickly on the third suspect,” Kilbride said.

The homeowner was treated at the scene and released with minor injuries to his leg. The stolen car was found the next night by police in Biddeford, where Girard is believed to be hiding.

Police asked anyone with information to call 781-2300.