CALAIS, Maine — A Robbinston teenager and her older brother were injured Sunday morning when she lost control of her car on a slick stretch of highway and was involved in a head-on collision with his truck, family members reported.

Kylee Caruso, 18, laughing, said she wasn’t angry with her brother, Logan, 20, after the wreck.

“It was definitely my fault,” said the Woodland High School senior.

Logan Caruso didn’t realize the crash involved his sister until he opened the door to her vehicle.

He did not recognize his sister’s car, a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix, because there are “tons of them in our area,” said their mother, Jill Caruso.

When he opened the door and saw his sister inside, said Jill Caruso, “he was just overcome with all kinds of emotions” and broke down crying.

Kylee Caruso was driving north on U.S. 1 en route to her job as a cashier at the Walmart in Calais when the accident occurred near the intersection of Carson Road about 6:15 a.m., according to their parents, Robert and Jill Caruso. Logan Caruso was on his way to the family home, driving south on U.S. 1, after finishing work at the Fulghum Fibres mill in Baileyville.

She lost control of her car because of snowy, slushy conditions, said Kylee, and crossed the center line into the path of her brother’s 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck.

“I just couldn’t control the car whatsoever,” she said.

“Even when I got out of the car, I couldn’t walk,” she added, because the conditions were so slippery.

She realized it was her brother’s truck, she said, but the accident was unavoidable. “I knew I was going to hit him. … I was scared. I didn’t know what I was going to do.” She “completely panicked,” she said, and covered her face with her arms prior to impact. Her brother tried to avoid the crash by driving into a snowbank. She was traveling about 35-40 mph, she estimated.

Logan was treated for bumps and bruises at Calais Regional Hospital and released. Kylee’s injuries were more serious; she suffered a cut on a leg that required six stitches, a concussion, and a sprain, but she also was released from the hospital.

“We are very blessed to have them both walk away with minor injuries,” said Jill Caruso, who called it a “freak accident.”

The unusual nature of the accident did not go unnoticed by Dr. Cressy Bravier, an emergency room physician who treated Kylee and enjoyed some good-natured teasing with her. According to her account, Bravier told her, “When my sister got mad at me, she hit me with a steel ruler. She never hit me with her car.”

Calais police said they would release their report on the accident on Monday.