Congratulate Emily

Emily Burnham, one of the BDN’s staff writers, covered the Bangor Troop Greeters museum story. The story was reported as we hoped it might be. Congratulate Burnham on how well she expressed the need to preserve history, by presenting the memorabilia donated to the greeters over more than a decade in a very special museum.

This museum will tell the story of the nearly 1.5 million young men and women who have left home and country through the Bangor airport to ensure we never have another 9/11.

Chuck Knowlen


Michaud’s courage

A March 27 BDN OpEd celebrated the late Sen. Ed Muskie’s 100th birthday and his determined leadership to clean up our waterways and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Unfortunately, current Gov. Paul LePage has taken a wrecking ball to Muskie’s legacy, repeatedly attacking protections for Maine’s water, land and wildlife. Instead of making progress on pressing issues, we’ve been defending the last 40 years of hard-won laws and protections.

In February, Maine Conservation Voters endorsed Rep. Mike Michaud for governor because he has been a champion for Maine’s environment and because he is the best candidate to defeat LePage.

I can personally attest to Michaud’s political courage and environmental leadership. When I worked at the state legislature for Maine Audubon, I saw firsthand his commitment to conservation. We worked together on the first freshwater wetland bill and he was always a good listener and thoughtful legislator.

Like Muskie, Michaud said “enough is enough” to the sludge being dumped into Maine’s waterways. Michaud took on his own employer and helped clean up the Penobscot River. In the Maine Legislature and in Congress he has been a leader on dozens of environmental and economic policies, earning him a 92 percent lifetime score on the national League of Conservation Voters environmental scorecard.

We endorsed Michaud because Maine people need a governor who gets it — a governor who sees the connection between conserving Maine’s natural resources, creating new economic opportunities and protecting the health of Maine people.

Nancy C. Anderson

Maine Conservation Voters board member


Fair share

I am writing in response to the recent editorial “ CMP’s Fee Request Conflicts with Principles Maine Should Want in a Utility.” I couldn’t agree more.

Consumers in Maine should get ready because Central Maine Power is asking state regulators for a rate increase that would mean doubling the fixed monthly portion of their bill along with other increased rates. The energy giant, which delivers electricity to more than 500,000 Maine households, is proposing a rate increase that AARP believes is unfair and unreasonable.

Many Maine consumers are struggling, still feeling the effects of the Great Recession. Many Maine seniors, a third of whom rely solely on Social Security for their income, already have to make tough choices each month between heating their homes, putting food on the table and purchasing needed medications. They should not be asked to fund the unreasonable profits for which CMP is asking.

The best way to fight these rate increases is to show up in person at the April public hearings in Augusta and Portland and share your concerns. These public hearings may be the last chance for CMP customers to have their say on this outrageous plan.

Unfortunately, we know many will not be able to drive the distance to have their voice heard. These customers may share their feedback online at or write to the Public Utilities Commission, Attn: Administrative Director, MPUC, 18 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

AARP is fighting for fair electric rates for our 230,000 Maine members and their families. All Maine electric customers should only have to pay what is fair for their utilities.

Lori Parham

AARP Maine State Director


Positive direction

Bravo to Nelson Durgin, in his March 25 BDN OpEd, for making the case as to why Republicans should support independent Eliot Cutler for governor. There is a large and ever-growing contingent of Republicans in Maine who are disenchanted by Gov. Paul LePage and drawn to Cutler’s business experience and problem solving skills. I am proudly one of them.

Bangor City Councilor Durgin is absolutely right that LePage is not the CEO he claimed to be in 2010. He is a disappointment as governor, not only because of his bombastic style but also because he seems more interested in making political points than he does in meaningful reform.

He does not manage the state government, as the recent series of mishaps with the Department of Health and Human Services illustrates all too well. He has failed to reform Maine’s welfare system, though he has talked about it nonstop for four years. While LePage had the ability to accomplish his agenda in 2011 and 2012, when the Legislature was GOP-controlled, LePage simply hasn’t produced results.

Durgin was also right to note that Cutler is the candidate who will get things done in Augusta. Moderate Republicans interested in reducing bureaucratic inefficiencies in Augusta, and truly leveraging Maine’s resources to get our state moving forward after a decade of dismal economic performance, should vote for Cutler. His leadership style and nonpartisan approach will get Maine going in a positive direction.

Clare Payne


Rule change

During the excitement of March Madness, I am reminded that a rule change needs to be made in Maine high school basketball.

The shot clock rule is long overdue. For decades we have watched as teams during the final minutes of a game have stalled the play. This has been very frustrating to the team that was behind in points and frustrating to the fans who were watching.

The incorporation of the shot clock rule would, I feel, result in a better game of basketball. Teams would end up playing a more competitive and higher quality of game to the very final seconds of playtime.

A trial run of the shot clock rule could begin with the 2014-2015 season. At the end of the season, the teams, coaches, players, referees and fans could do an up or down vote for the new shot clock rule.

In the best interest of Maine high school basketball, I challenge the Maine Principals Association to make the shot clock rule change.

Robert Chaplin

Bar Harbor