PALERMO, Maine — Police say a man from Liberty lost control of his truck on icy roads early Monday morning, causing him to go off the road and veer into a cemetery, where he struck a headstone.

Mark Teets, 49, had been driving east on Route 3 at about 1 a.m. in sleet and hail when he lost traction on a corner, according to an accident report from the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. He crossed the road, jumped a curb, hit a chain link fence, then a headstone with two markers on it, which spun the truck around. Then he hit a telephone pole.

After all that, Teets was nevertheless able to drive home, said Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton. Teets called the Liberty fire chief to tell him about the accident, and the fire chief told Teets he needed to report it to the police.

Trafton said that police were still waiting for a damage estimate from the cemetery sexton.